Nano Korea 2020


July/01/2020 – July/03/2020



Items to be displayed

  • Nano materials : Nanopowders, bulk materials, composite materials and new materials made by applying nanotechnology


  • Nano devices : Semiconductor memories, chips and sensors made using nanotechnology


  • Semiconductor devices (memory devices, logic devices, optical devices) and sensors (physical sensors, chemical sensors, biometric sensors)


  • Devices for display panels (LCD, OLED, backplane, touchscreen) and energy devices (secondary cells, fuel cells, photovoltaic cells)


  • Bio devices (biosensors, DNA chips, labs-on-a-chip), etc.


  • Nanofabrication : Microfabrication, dispersion and manufacturing equipment to produce nanopowders : Nanoscale measurement and performance analysis technologies and equipment


  • Nano convergence and applied products : Nanotechnology convergence products and technologies by industry field


  • Others : Government-funded institutions, related institutions, research centers, universities, etc.

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