Techfin Asia 2019


December 5-6, 2019



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TechFin Asia is a global premier event for entrepreneurs, developers, investors and policymakers together to discuss the future of blockchain and techfin innovations. TechFin Asia will play a key role in realizing all techfin innovations and visions where consumers and businesses come together to consume and borrow financial resources.


Brave New World of Quantum Computing
Brian Eccles, Quantum Computing, IBM

Exchange as a Service: Learning from the forex market
Charles Pyo, CEO and Founder, Chain Partners

Innovation in Life Insurance
Nico Eggert, Director – Digital Innovation, MetLife

Ballet – Making Cryptocurrency accessible to Everyone
Bobby Lee, Founder and CEO, Ballet

How Bitcoin Changes Incentives
Jimmy Song , Bitcoin Fellow, Blockchain Capital

Moving Forward to Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry
Youngkwon Kim, Head of Digital Finance Consulting Team, Samsung SDS

The Future of Finance powered by Enterprise Blockchain
SeYoul Park, Blockchain Technical Lead, IBM Korea

Leveraging Emerging Technologies in a Fast-paced Region
Sebastian Roervig, Special Projects, Grab

Blockchain Mass Adoption and De-Centralized Identity (DID)
Dylan Park, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), Coinplug Inc.

One World, One Platform and Unlimited Opportunities
Woo Lee, VP, East Asia & Korea Country Manager, Payoneer

Bank of Starbucks
Daehoon Han, Equity Analyst, SK Securities

The Future of Mobile Payments
Sujin Oh , Mobile Payment, K Bank

Financial UX Design – How to Create a Successful Service in the Age of Open Banking
Kyudae Shim, Head of UX, Shinhan Financial Group

Digital Transformation & Cloud Technologies – Microsoft Financial Services Industry PoV
Basudev Banerjee, Director – Financial Services, Microsoft

How South Korea’s PeopleFund is Shaking Up P2P Lending
Joey Kim, Founder & CEO of PeopleFund, President of the Korea Fintech Industry Association

The Evolution of Platform Coins
Chang-ki Park, Founder & CEO, Pax Datatech, Color Platform Group

Samsung’s AI Service and Product Process
Youngmin Yoon, Senior A.I Product Manager, Samsung Electronics

Building on Enterprise Grade Digital Asset Platform
Tom Menner, Director – Solution Architecture for Asia Pacific, R3

Digital Innovation in US Retail powered by Emerging Technologies
Jason Tung, Senior Director – Corporate Strategy, Walmart

Cognitive Intelligence to boost Digital Transformation
Tanut Karnwai, Sr. Data Scientist & Machine Learning, IBM

Corporate Venturing Strategy
Rohan Handa, New Ventures, BBVA

Business Transformation with Enterprise Blockchain
Young-Suk Kim, Partner, EY

Renewable Energy Transaction Service powered by Blockchain
Eun-Kyoung Lee, General Manager, Korea Southerm Power

How will decentralized technology change people’s lives in the next 10 years?
Muneeb Ali, CEO and Co-founder, Blockstack

Digital Transformation Strategy for Innovative Growth
Jane Park, Deputy General Manager, Hanwha Corporation

Fully Integrated Hotel Automation Solution
Seung-Hwan Shin, Automation Platform team Product Owner, Yanolja

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